How we work with clients.


Our priority is environmental friendly energy-saving but also ecological construction. Therefore we do not use EPS or PUR insulation in our buildings.


Depending on the choice or variant, we offer façade finishing in 3 variations:
• Ventilated wooden façade on the wooden structure.
• Ventilated façade made of cement-fiber boards.
• Elevation finished with vapor-permeable patch, unlocking the openness of the partition.


We offer the highest quality window assemblies from various manufacturers, either solid wood or wood-aluminum.


1. Analysis of a construction project tailored to the client’s needs. We help at every stage of design implementation.
2. Adaptation of the project to the CLT solid wood system.
3. Production of panels clt including grouping of single fins. Layers alternate at an angle of 90 degrees, which increases the stability of finished components.
4. Glue application between successive layers, with very accurate and properly distributed amounts. CLT wood panels do not contain solvents or formaldehyde. They are completely odorless and transparent after hardening.
5. Compression of layers, leading to the increased strength of finished panels.
6. Cutting of finished boards according to the construction design and profiling of the edges.
7. Verifying the performance of elements. Specifying the assembly and marking of individual structural elements.
8. Protection of panels against weather conditions during transport.
9. Loading onto a truck.
10. Preparation of production documentation, implementation in accordance with the architectural design.
11. Transport of elements to the place of assembly. Using this method it is possible to reach difficult areas.