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Our team takes over everything, from an idea and concept development to realization CLT house. All our projects incorporate a unique and functional solutions made of laminated wood. Cross-lamination creates uniform strength and allows ultimate flexibility in design not previously seen with wood products. A client is the soul of the project. Our main goal is to illustrate his/her values and individuality by using cross laminated timber.


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Comprehensive service from a turnkey project and very professional service. The company designed and quickly and efficiently made a house in a wooden frame construction. At our request, they took over the supervision, taking care of the selection and coordination of subsequent contractors as well as orders for necessary materials and acceptance of the work. They cooperated with suppliers and sub-contractors of all trades necessary for the completion of the interior. It allowed us to limit our time commitment to the necessary minimum. We were amazed at the dynamics of work and the professionalism of workmanship.

Mark Eganberg

Undoubtedly, compared to other design offices and developers, CLT distinguished their way of operating - they design from a to z, where the final stage is implementation. We work with local foreign producers and distributors of finishing elements while obtaining hard-to-find products at attractive prices. We have created an ergonomic house at a very good price and in a short time - 3 months. They create custom solutions and meet our expectations in 100%. I recommend the company

Jennifer Hilbertson

We focus on ecology, so we were also looking for a company that follows trends. The house design meets these expectations and the company has fulfilled these obligations. We sent the house designer specific requirements, consulted decisions at every stage and felt the involvement of the company's employees. A home design in CLT technology is solid, ecologically sound and simply well-designed. Their house designs are a synonym of competence, but also style and functionality. The design of the house, which we have proposed, is a solution that has been fully proven both architecturally and structurally, and the documentation prepared by them is very reliable and contains proven ideas. The result was a house design that made our dreams come true with a beautiful home CLT created for our family.

Lesley Grand

They fulfilled our dreams. The house we've been waiting for for years. Ecological, solid and modern. Among the company's proposals, we found many solutions and ready-made visualizations and clearly presented in catalogs. They have tailored the project to our financial capabilities by creating a stylish and functional home.

John Frick


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We are ready to take a new challenge and build your home in the new CLT technology. As a CLT manufacturer of laminated wood, we are able to complete any project by using cross laminated timber solutions.

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